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For nearly 20 years, Raghav Premium Suitings is a known brand for creativity in the hearts, hands and minds of its customers. From the lands of Rajasthan, Bhilwara, it's a stop station for uniform fabric needs. We have our own working factory, corporate offices, warehouses and other blooming infrastructures. Our guiding principle stands as to give more than the expected.

We supply best quality products to our customer at most competitive value for money price with high class services. We always try to give people more than they expect- remains guiding principles and philosophy.

Mr. Santosh Agal is the Managing Director of the company. He assumes the role of Project leader, policy manager, and key man of the company. He is young and dynamic in personality and has positive approach towards the growth of the business. Since beginning he has found his passion towards textile business and has never looked back. He is having a vast knowledge of the textile Industry and businesses and has a very big vision in his mind to develop the company on a large scale in Textile fields.
We have an advanced sales department and a number of selling agents across India for marketing and selling of products to the clients. Sales team have a vast knowledge of all types of fabrics that we provide. We have strong sales strategies.
We supply best quality products to our customer at most competitive value for money price with high class services. We always try to give people more than they expect- remains guiding principles and philosophy. Benefits to all the people we interact with whether they are our customers and suppliers our business Associates our employees as a whole. We want to imprint benefit in their heart and mind as the end result of their Association with us.
Is the inspirational leader that helps everyone find their happy place in us through our products. Our innovation strategy comprises of understanding new developments within the markets where we operate what is new and exciting in terms of products Communications or display styles. We are always looking for new ideas and Solutions, our team works with experts to understand how we can improve or revise our process to make the products better than what it is available in the market.

About Us

Raghav Premium Suitings is a specialized brand within Swaraj Synthetic Private Limited (SSPL) that offers contemporary uniform and its range compromises

School Uniforms

School uniforms, a very big segment and the specialty of our company.

Hotel Related Fabric

For all the diners that serve dinner in style we dress the servers in style too.


The missiles of Party industry are in our radar too.


While you worry about hygiene we care for your style.

Security Services

The world needs the security for so many reasons we ensure that those guards have ensured quality fabric on them.


While someone trusts you with their life we give you reason to trust in us.

Showroom staff- The place where look is all that matters how can you decides upon something else when we have the best for you.

Apart from the core fabric Offering SSPL offers mainstream fabric for Industrial purposes, Corporate, salon and beauty parlors. The business is largely institutional that is addressed directly and through the SSPL distribution network that compromises specialist Dealers for institutional sales.


We have and expertise team in the field of textile production manager supervisors checker vendor and working team of more than 100 employees in productions. Effectively maintain the efficiency of production and manage the full factory and production with our company standards.


Consumer Textiles include uniforms work wear and suitings made from blended polyester, viscose and polyester cotton fabrics. Raghav premium the mid premium menswear brand offers a wide range of polyester and viscose blend fabrics for office, leisure and evening wear. Uniformity by Raghav premium offers work-wear and uniform fabric while SSPL offers work wears and daily wear for the common man.

SSPL provides unparalleled range of uniform fabrics for schools, the armed forces, hospitals, airlines and a lot of other industries. Its plain weave blends of polyester viscose and polyester cotton are available in more than hundred classic shades, the largest spectrum of colors available.

Corporate Office
City Office
Solar Plant of 125 KWA
Dispatch Capacity

Quality control

SSPL is one of the few companies in Bhilwara to use various test for quality control and ensure that the fabric is a truly world-class product. Our products conform to the highest quality standards. Our aim has always been not only to meet quality Expectations but surpass them and create a new benchmark within the industry.